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Wine Bottle Club

Wine Bottle Club x Exclusible

Limited NFT Pass - 0.3 ETH

About Drop

Wine Bottle Club launches Genesis collection to gather wine and Web3 enthusiasts around the most iconic luxury wines. Wine Bottle Club’s promise is simple, with each NFT giving access to both a physical bottle (to ship or store) and one exclusive membership (and all respective benefits).

This initial collection consists in 4,926 NFTs with randomly-generated attributes including the front label which determines for each NFT which related physical bottle is linked. Some of these NFTs will allow to redeem (or store) very exclusive grand cru wines, including Bitcoin La Cuvée limited edition, Château Gruaud Larose, Château Pape Clément, Château Cheval Blanc and other legendary bottles to be unveiled soon.

About Collab

Sharing the same requirements and standards of excellence, Wine Bottle Club and Exclusible are collaborating with the aim of providing the most exclusive experience. In this regards, Wine Bottle Club is giving Exclusible community two exclusive time slots on Genesis Collection mint.

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