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Time to Travel Worldtimer


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Time to Travel Worldtimer NFT Collection

Frederique Constant x Exclusible is the encounter of two worlds that share a common mission: to provide exclusive opportunities to their clients by creating high-end experiences. To honour its roots, this collaboration pays tribute to a Frederique Constant’s legend: the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture. If you are one of the lucky holders of the Frederique Constant #TimeToTravel Classics Worldtimer NFT, please fill in this form to receive information on the utilities related to your NFT https://rarecubes.com/FrederiqueConstant/form


0.123 ETH
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Tier I - Common (Appia, Anchorage, Tijuana, Chicago, Toronto, S. Georgia, Lisbon, Riyadh, Dubai, Karachi, Dakha, Bangkok, Noumea, Auckland)

Early access: Access previews and guaranteed whitelist spots for Frederique Constant’s future NFT projects

Voting rights: Rights to vote on upcoming NFT projects and additional benefits for “Time to Travel Worldtimer” NFT holders

Metaverse: Access to the brand’s metaverse space to discover and learn about upcoming and past NFT projects

Unlockables: Download your NFT in other format(s) to display it on your devices

Tier II - Uncommon (Honolulu, Los Angeles, Rio, London, Le Caire, Hong Kong, Sydney)

All Tier I Utilities

Digital Displayer: Exclusive access to a Digital Displayer which will enable holders to showcase NFTs dynamically with an animated background

Airdrop: Reception of a free NFT (airdrop) with different rarity levels in accordance with the current “Time to Travel Worldtimer NFT” rarity tiers (2023)

Tier III - Rare (New York, Paris, Tokyo, My City)

All Tier II Utilities

Collaboration with Frederique Constant: Create an NFT in collaboration with the brand

Exclusive Sales: Preview and guaranteed access to Frederique Constant’s limited-edition physical watches sales

My City: Personalize your “Time to Travel Worldtimer” NFT by replacing the city with one of your choice. Fee: 0.111 ETH

Utilities Tier IV - Legendary (Geneva)

All Tier III Utilities

My City (Free): Personalize for free your “Time to Travel Worldtimer” NFT by replacing the city with one of your choice

Win a Classics Worldtimer Manufacture Physical Watch

Among the 888 NFTs that will be minted, 1 NFT will be the digital twin of the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture physical watch, FC-718 NWWM4H6. The owner of the digital twin will be gifted with the physical version of the watch, and he/she will be able to enjoy both versions of the iconic timepiece.

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Time to Travel Worldtimer NFT Collection

About this NFT

Staying true to the original physical timepiece - and ensuring entire working functionality - all of the Time to Travel Worldtimer NFT timepieces in this collection are an invitation to experience a new way of enjoying luxury watches.

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