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Exclusible Penthouses


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Exclusible Penthouses

Complete with NFT gallery display features, screening rooms, helipads and panoramic skyviews, this latest Exclusible drop comprises Luxury Penthouses built within photorealistic metaverse Spatial.io.


0.6 ETH
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Penthouse Utilities

Use it as a social experiment by inviting up to 50 people

Customize it in your look and feel by showcasing NFTs, art, 3D objects, and JPGs

Upload, livestream, and screenshare content, being movies and sport games, or sales pitches and corporate presentations

Organise a metaverse party in your penthouse with selected guests

Use it as an alternative to traditional conference tools such as Zoom, Twitter Spaces, or Teams

Establish your company HQ in your penthouse and/or close deals in the metaverse

Give your clients and partners a unique experience and let them wait in the lobby in style

Enjoy the comfort of a true luxury space in the metaverse

Enhance your immersive experience with VR compatibility

Collect all Exclusible Penthouses and...

Owners that collect all 5 different penthouses, including Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai and New Caledonia will receive a very special and unique digital gift at a later stage.

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Exclusible Penthouses

About this NFT

Each Exclusible Penthouse consists of a magical 500sqm space that allows NFT enthusiasts to host online meetups and events for up to 50 guests. Collectors of these prime pieces of luxury real estate can showcase their NFT artwork portfolios on the walls and personally curate and customize their environment. With this range of 5,000 luxury penthouses, available in three color variations (quartz, ruby and obsidian), showcasing various panoramic views, including Paris, Miami, Las Vegas, Dubai and New Caledonia, we present Exclusible’s latest metaverse real estate project.

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