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Reves de Soie


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Reves de Soie NFT Collection

Maison Christian Lacroix enters Web3 with its first NFT Collection ‘Rêves de Soie’. Every holder of a Rêves de Soie NFT will have the possibility to redeem a “Carré” scarf matching their NFT.

Sale opens Friday July 8th, 7pm BST


0.4 ETH
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Early Access

Early access to previews and guaranteed whitelist spots for Maison Christian Lacroix’s future NFT projects.

Physical Silk Carré Scarf

Redeemable for free for each holder. Each physical scarf matches the digital twin displayed in the NFT and incorporates a special co-branded label with a QR code redirecting to the Collection’s Opensea Page.

Exclusive Access to the Maison Christian Lacroix Penthouse

On a first come, first served basis for up to 50 people at a time. The ‘Rêves de Soie’ NFT Collection community will be able to use this Metaverse space for networking and special events will be organised by the brand.

Exclusive Workshop

NFT holders will have exclusive access to a workshop hosted by Maison Christian Lacroix in their Metaverse penthouse, limited to 50 spots.

Digital Wearable Airdrop

An exclusive Digital wearable, designed by Christian Lacroix, will be airdropped to each holder prior to Maison Christian Lacroix’s 35th anniversary party in the Metaverse.

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Reves de Soie NFT Collection

About this NFT

Maison Christian Lacroix enters Web3 with a limited series of 700 HD generative NFTs. Each token comes in a unique combination of colorways and patterns with a generative soundtrack, making each token even more unique through a combination of visual and audio traits.

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